Cardea Partners

By providing expert derivative advisory services with detailed understanding of a lender's motives, Cardea Partners brings transparency to the process of risk management and borrowing analysis, saving time and money for our partner organizations. Whether you are using an interest rate swap, cap or other financial derivative, Cardea can help you manage the risks and costs.

Derivative Advising

As your organization decides how to manage interest rate risk on a debt facility or portfolio, Cardea Partners provides structuring to meet your unique risk profile. Whether you need to establish a bidding platform to engage several counterparties or are negotiating directly with one institution, the experience of Cardea Partners puts you on a level playing with pricing transparency.

Dodd-Frank Swap Reforms and Requirements

The Dodd-Frank reform bill has fundamentally changed the market for swaps, forcing banks and end-users to follow new guidelines for executing new trades and maintaining old ones. Cardea keeps our clients abreast of their responsibilities in this new era and guides them to the quickest procedures for compliance.

Negotiated Savings

Cardea Partners has saved multiple borrowers hundreds of thousands of dollars by intelligently structuring hedge facilities and negotiating the important details with bank counterparties. Required hedges are common, but adjusting the terms of a required hedge can increase refinance flexibility and reduce interest expense in the short term and through maturity. In such a unique rate environment, the cost savings from creative structuring can have dramatic implications.

ISDA Documentation

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) is an organization for market participants using over-the-counter derivative contracts. ISDA created a standard contract that defines the terms for entering into such a trade. The contract is extensive, and in our experience, clients often sign the contract as presented to them by their bank counterparty without reviewing or negotiating terms. As a swap advisor, Cardea Partners clarifies and negotiates this document for our clients.

Hedging Policies

Municipalities and NFPs are under increased scrutiny to manage their use of derivatives for hedging. Cardea Partners works with tax-exempt entities to establish derivative policies and enact protocols. Independent advice is the first step a municipality can take to ensure their hedging practices are consistent and fairly priced.


Cardea Partners is a derivative advisory firm serving the unique needs of corporate, real estate, not for profit, Native American tribes, and municipal borrowers. We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) as a swap advisor.  Time spent on the bank trading floor allows Cardea to stand beside our clients with comprehensive insight into their banking relationships and the products available to manage interest rate and foreign exchange risk.  We explain the market, and reduce the costs of accessing it for our clients.

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